Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Girlfriend versus Best friend

We all remember how valiantly Julia Roberts fought to stop her best friend from marrying because she realised she is in love with him or is it so that she has always been. If it was a Hindi flick, the guy would have easily left his bride to be just a second before uttering, “I do” but it was not. Julia is left behind to find the second perfect for herself. Sigh.

I know a lot of people believe in the notion, “a boy and a girl can never be best friends, sparks will definitely fly’. But I don’t. They can be and they forge bonds which are beyond the sibling or the lover phenomenon. But are these bonds life long?

There is no definite answer to this question but they definitely are much tenderer and become vulnerable with the presence of the Miss Right who suddenly takes up all the attention in a man’s life which was previously enjoyed by our now quietly sidelined best friend.  This obviously doesn’t go down too well with her. She begins to feel cynical and lonely. Her days will start and end with the fickle hope of his call and after two days he does call, but only to ask where should he take her for date? The girl would want to scream ‘Hell’ but ends up uttering several options. He picks up one and keeps the phone down.

End of the world.

She may or may not cry. She may or may not sleep. She may or may not eat. But she will definitely fall in love.

But is she really in love? Not really. She is just too lonely to feel any other emotion. And she would not feel anything else until she manages to get the new toy out of his life.

Relax girl. Just because you always completed his assignments and got him his favourite jersey, he will be enslaved to serve you. It will hurt in the beginning and you too will succumb to the gloom but you will end up fine. Don’t take refuge watching dumb Hindi movies in the hope that your might turn into one. It will not. Instead go guy hunting.

And the boys even though you have got a sexy new thing to flaunt the whole day, you will need the old pillow to hug and fall asleep.


Anonymous said...

I am a boy and in my case the complete opposite happened. The girl whom I loved considered me as her best friend. And she used to share her affair with another guy ,she loved. One day I just left her alone coz I couldnt pretend to be her best friend. It hurt her and me equaly bad. But I guess it was good for both of us? What do you say?

bhawna said...

That is sad but i still believe you should have given yourself sometime to call it off. because it simply wasnt her fault. isnt it?

Ashish Ddavidd said...

Great Going!

Anonymous said...

I know it wasnt her fault, but I had to move on right bhawna? I couldnt wait for her till eternity. She could share everything with me as my best friend but never thought of me as her love. That made me feel like I was being used as an emotional support only. It feels really bad. You do every possible thing to spend some valuable time with her and all she thinks is about her boyfriend.So I decided to end this. Now we are just formal friends.

akash tyagi said...

A girl and a guy can never be friends!! NEVER!! it may take minutes days or years..but they will always be more than friends..

akash tyagi said...

Lemme rephrase it...a guy and a girl who are 'close friends' or 'best friends' are ALWAYS more than friends.
Either from the guy's side or the girl's side or both. But NEVER its 'just friendship'.