Sunday, February 13, 2011

Are We Developed Chameleons?

After a long period of time I had a chance to experience rains. Though February is not generally considered to be fit for the water spell, but due to the revival of my spirits I will leave these worries in the heads of the meteorologists only. I stood in my balcony and looked outside for a long while. The more I was there the more I felt happy and confident about myself. It said that that your liking reflects your mood and we human beings are known to pick up objects to show their inner sanctum. And we have been doing it in quite a lot of ways. From seasons to regions, from shades to days, from skies to flies we have not left any commodity untouched with the emotions and have used them for ones naked camouflaged display. The human being is a social animal and defies any form identity discomfort. It always (I used ‘it’ to emphasise on animal) seeks solace in merging itself with the outer ambience like a chameleon.

   There are days too when this chameleon loses its virtual skin and gather the courage to look beyond the comfort. That is the time when it doesn’t feel as a part of this creation. It appears to be more as an object placed without any notion of rhythm balance or coherence along the symmetry and monotony of the world. Its senses falls short to experience the pain and the pleasure, the emotions are dwarfed with the raging tornado inside the mind, the words it requires to speak seem to get vanished from the dictionary of the language it thought of knowing, and all the ties binding it become a part of a large net choking it down to death. But it is afraid to die and comes back to being the chameleon again!

Has it ever happened to you? If yes, share it with me.......