Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Year That Was...........(i m short of words now)!!!!

Hey friends (I have lost the privilege of calling out ‘readers’ by the virtue of being highly irregular in updating my blog) I am back from my hibernating mode. I owe everyone an apology but since it is my rearmost entry for the year 2009, I am in no mood to start it on an apologetic note.

Last night I was busy briefing my diary with the anecdotes of the passing by year. Here are some excerpts…..

  1. Big Blow Tagged RESPONSIBILITY

I encountered responsibility, fought with it and finally defeated it. It was as easy as selling ice cubes in Antarctica to set up a new world minus the comforts of dad’s arms and mom’s lap in place of hard core bureaucrats not because doing so involved some rocket science but my résistance towards change. At the end of the day I am all content and happy with my new found companion tagged responsibility.

  1. Anything But Lonely

A hardcore extrovert is not expected to take time in befriending people, so was I. It was never a task to make friends for a chatter box like me but 2009 changed it all. Although I can still define myself in terms of a self confessed chatter box but I will surely have to give in to the skeptics of a loner too. Before being in hostel I could never make clear cut distinctions between ‘lonely’ and ‘alone’ let alone experience the difference.

But now I know it all, tried it all and of course love it all.

  1. On a Losing Spree

If u boast of your success than be proud of your failures too, because if there is no failure one can never find success. As stated above, it won’t be can exaggeration if I say I was on a losing spree. From anything to everything I didn’t won a single competition. But at the end of the day I have no qualms. Not because I didn’t deserve wining (I always do) but it taught lessons which I could have never gained otherwise.( sometimes u do need such over the top quotes to sympathize with oneself)

So guys within few hours we all will step into 2010 and it is always baffling to see people turning into party animals, getting all drenched in alcohol and thundering their footsteps for no reasons. I know its good to celebrate the homecoming of a new year but better ways of doing so also exist.