Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Last few weeks had been the toughest days of my life till now. Amidst all the turbulence fathers’ day came as a big relief. It’s a great feeling to see the most beautiful smile coming naturally to you when seeing your dad in tears with that special father’s day card you select after going through a million!!!!!!! But for my dad father’s day was not just about receiving card because he is a son too but sadly he lost the privilege to give that million dollar smile 5 years ago when my grand father left us fighting with lung cancer.

Sometimes my feelings changes from simple grief to overwhelming anger when I see that my grand father is missing all the important events in me and my father’s life. I just want pay tribute to the most important man in my life whose whole life was a tribute, a tribute to courage!

My grand father R.K. Jaimini, the name doesn’t sound familiar after all he was not a yesteryear film star for whom rikshawwalas used to stop nor did he was a noble prize winner, he was just a good man with the charm of a film star and brains of a noble prizewinner. My most vivid memory of him is the day when he told me,” Small animals walk in herds tigers walk alone” and I took it on heart. I m not saying that my grandfather was perfect nobody is but he was someone I can always look up to find strength even in the most trying times. From sitting in the office of telephone exchange as an elite manager destiny took him to the footpaths selling candles. But none of the adversities could stop him to rise against all the odds. I don’t think an article would be enough to summarize the life of one the greatest men in my eyes.

So I love you grandpa, you were as beautiful in death as you were in life..........we all will love you but will never forget who you were and will tell our children and grandchildren about the man who although considered a minor cold a serious illness is one of the greatest men who ever lived