Sunday, March 7, 2010

All i want be ME!!!

Hello I am back to my space again after sabbatical of about a month I took for god knows what. Although I may say that the over spilling work on my desk, workstation and all the tit bits of places I tend to visit averted me to pay a visit to the cafe and post the stuff. But since I have my own laptop now, it leaves me with one excuse less I give for seldom updating.

But these sabbaticals I take are always for good (at least I feel so) just as my new tag line. Isn’t it unconventional? No matter what ever u guys say or feel about it, I just love it. It didn’t pop out of my filled to the brim head. There is a story behind it. I discovered these lines about 2 weeks ago when I was going back to my hostel and was getting hysterical about waiting for the train which showed no interest in following up the schedules. Once again books came to my rescue and I quickly found my way to the nearest bookstall. Though I was carrying enough stuff to gulp down, my resistance towards books comes down to zero at the very sight of a bookshop. After a long battle on the prices (desperately wished I carried my mother’s bargain gene at that very moment) I settled myself with a copy of fountainhead by Ayn Rand and Femina. I immediately treated myself with a space to sit in the overflowing platform (believe me it was indeed a treat) and got caught in the prejudice attached to magazine reading. During the course of turning and twisting I felt the sensations of euphoria and despair both.

These sensations made be prowl on the platform aimlessly and i felt like a bride who was trying too hard to hush something up. Then I realised I needed something to vent this or else it would have given my mother nightmares who was accompanying me. That something came in form of a pen which by default always happens to be in my handbag. (Yes yes I do carry one). I took the pen out and it made its way to back cover of the magazine as desperately as it was just dying for it. Then the words came through its .5 nib “all I want be me”.

“Me” was never such a powerful word before the way it was the very moment. You must be wondering what it was that made such an incredible impact. So guys for that you will have to wait for the next part of this ‘me’ series.

P.S. A very happy women’s day to all the important and also the unimportant women in my life ( wishing you because you are women). Go out and celebrate this day and dedicate it just to yourself. And please don’t commit a blunder of going out with a guy. (Though I am not a bra burning feminist but can surely be on this day)