Friday, September 30, 2011

I Don't Have Any Title For This...

What happens when a frog that has spent his whole life in a well of 1m radius is suddenly asked to swim in a lake? What happens when a butterfly, accustomed of flying with the flies thrown to fly with birds? What happens when Lewis carol himself wakes up to the wonderland he creates for Alice? Sheer amusement, discomfort, bafflement…but why I am asking these questions? To give you people a sneak peek into my heart.

  It was a very usual day for me as I geared up for “just another interview”. Camera, pen, diary, documents and I were ready. But nothing could have made me ready for what I stumbled upon in the hours to come. I felt like someone on a desert safari is asked to swim in the ocean. Completely unprepared, unrehearsed and ill equipped.  But I didn’t panic, instead chose to drown then to swim.

  He didn’t show me the ocean but the desert devoid of knowledge I was living in and cursing for years. He didn’t ask me to come up to the surface but took me down into the kingdom where nobody else is capable of ruling. He didn’t give me answers but questions, questions which I was timid to ask myself. He made me feel dumb, yet managed to dignify my presence.

  I can go on and on but I would like to conclude this by saying, I have found my calling.