Sunday, November 13, 2011

Coffee...The Ultimate Companion

Its 3’o clock in the morning and I am savouring my favourite indulgence, coffee. Thanking God for creating these wonder beans, the only ones who love to get crushed just to tickle our taste buds. My mother often warns me over keeping my consumption under control as it may lead to caffeine addiction. But I am not addicted to coffee as it is too virtuous to get addicted to. I am just head over heels for it. There are times when I am too lazy to work, or it’s too much work giving me a head spin, or my mind is brimming with 10 thousand reasons to be sad, I know where to turn my head. Coffee.

  Nobody in my family drinks coffee, the typical Indian one swearing by tea for every other occasion. But I had to find some other refuge.  I got acquainted with coffee about 4 years ago when I was preparing for my 10th grade board examinations which required me to study through the nights. Though I have always been a night bird since the time I was born and my mother still sighs about the fact that she hardly slept through the night in my growing up years as I refused to put my eyes to rest. So as I matter of fact I didn’t require any dose of coffee to push the mark on the clock. But one day after an appalling defeat by trigonometry, I made myself a cup and fell in love at the first sip.

  That day, the brew must have been far from the perfect one I have learned to make in these years.  But I still remember it as a teenager who remembers her first date throughout her life in spite of knowing that she was all fingers and thumbs.