Friday, May 8, 2009

politically incorrect veiw

Polling for the 2009 general elections has finally ended but all the dust and drama is not over yet,i am sure there is more to come.I remember the 2004 general elections, i was 13 at that time and had made a secret prayer of making the 2009 general elections fall after september 2009 so that i may have got the chance to vote this time.But never mind! Although i didn't vote but did make a point to visit a polling booth.I accompanied my aunt to a polling both in my locality and to my amazement i found that there were 4 polling booths in a span of just 500mts from my home.No way people should have excused themselves from voting, even if they do then no blames on the government!

I thought of spending an hour or so at the polling station which made my aunt a bit crazy in head as it was a very hot afternoon and the sun was smilling at the top of our heads.But after few minutes i found myself getting engrossed in all the activities happening around the polling booth.As i watched more and more people coming to cast their vote,the participation of the rich educated class in my region was very low.I was thinking if this is the story of all the regions in india this time too? and the next day newspaper cleared all my residual doubts.

After 2004 general elections my conviction grew stronger and stronger that its the rural and uneducated india that make and break governments.I can even go on to the extent of saying that intelligensia has no say in the whole electing process.Few months back i met a medical student,a first time voter and asked her about her voting preferences and here comes the awnser " I will not vote! why should i vote? there was not a single political party that supported our no reservation campaign. Even if that wasnt the case,all the voters do is to choose the better of the two devils". Initially her apathetic and callous attitude did annoyed me but she is just returning the apathy back!