Friday, September 21, 2012

Shit Happens

You are not a saint. You have told this yourself over and over again. after months of drooling over her, fantasizing, always turning up in the middle of her perfectly planned date, plotting to get the chance of dropping her home, taking advantage of every trivial argument to lead it to a break up, you are now gearing up to admit that you are in love with your best friends girlfriend.

Shit has happened!

Bur now what? You cannot possible tell your best friend. He will either kill you or leave the girl right away to make you feel terribly meagre. You cannot go and confess to the girl. You stand the chance of losing both your friend and the girl. Also you might not want to get into the melodrama and become a character straight out of a Hindi daily soaps.

There is nothing you can do. Trying to date your best friend’s girlfriend is like evading another tiger’s territory. You will either win or lose but both the catastrophes will come your way with loss and guilt. Do it only if you want to enduringly acquire the territory otherwise the effort will turn out to be worthless. Save this effort for something more prolific than this mere upsurge of adrenalin.

But wait; there are still things which you can do without harming the cat.

  1. Continue to drool over her and keep dropping hints that you completely adore her. She will not leave your friend for you but you might get lucky for a coffee.
  2. Plan a double date. You can ask your most entertaining friend to join you and keep your friend busy while you keep his girlfriend.
  3. You can also make your friend a little more drunk than usual while you become the responsible guy next door who ends up driving her home.
  4. On days when you have nothing better to do, you show up at her workplace and get your share of moments with her.

You may get several chances of being lucky while you try your hand with these tips. But you should never give in as no girl would be worth cheating your best friend.