Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lets Just Be Human Beings

Few days back while I was jostling inside a book shop, not knowing enough where to rest my hands and eyes. I settled for book from the feminism section, “Reading Lolita in Tehran” by Azar and made my way towards a secluded corner. A voice behind me stood up and asked, “Are you a feminist”? To which I replied in the most callous tone...I am just a human being minus the various adjectives.

I was first introduced to the term Feminism about 6 years back when i heard a college professor called herself a staunch feminist and asked on national T.V,” why is history His Story and not Her Story? I find the question really out of proportion and felt people like this women responsible for the ill fate of women across world. I left the question back then as there were much important issues to be taken seriously( that new guy still hasn’t noticed me, my nose is too sharp...will tom cruise ever marry me). But that whiff of anger and rage I felt that day came rushing back to me when the question of being a feminist was put up in front of me.

I think the women race has been the worst victim of differentiation which makes me baffle at this race’s love for sets and classes. How can we ask the humble male race to treat us equally when we ourselves have failed in doing so miserably? We have continued to divide us into class, sets, and beliefs and then reaching to the limits of hypocrisy by fighting for women’s rights. But have we authenticated the right to project ourselves as one...I am  not attacking Feminism per se but the whole system of divisional  system. If we want our societies to function in unison we should try treating ourselves as one human race differentiated into males and females, Nothing more and nothing less.
 Let’s promote individuality and nurture the beliefs and thoughts without undergoing the pain and burden of giving in or giving up to any precedence.