Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Wish I Could Be As Beautiful As She Is.....She Is My Mother....

I was quite relieved to reach the railway station on Sunday morning. Though the homecoming is always cherished and celebrated but this homecoming had a big sliced pineapple on an already delicious cake (finding this quirky? Not to worry as I don’t like cherries and chocolates). Mother’s day was the reason perhaps.

     I don’t remember the first time I did something special for my mom on mother’s day but I surely remember all the special pains she has taken all these years to make me and my life special and gifted. From reading me bedtime stories to spending hours in deciding menu for my next day luncheon, from selecting the best piece of garment in the shack of thousands( what a stark and stubborn baby I have always been) to answering the most inane of the questions, from staying awake with me the whole night before results to crying my tears out on my failures.......she has done it all and I know that even if her ritualistic haranguing of us in bed may seem an age old thing and will continue to adore our mornings, she must have sneaked in our rooms at night to amble around a bit and get herself assured that we are all fine.

    I am not writing this piece to thank my mom or tell her stories about how gratefully overwhelmed I am to have her in my life. I just want to say that her years of selfless service have not gone in vain. This may not be listed on her resume but I assure her to put it on her tombstone. I remember the time when I was 14 and I said this to mother,” I love you mom, but I don’t want to be like you”. I said these lines when I was finding my way with selfdom and any small comparison used to put me on fire. I chased it everywhere but today at 18 I realise that it lies nowhere but in the womb of my mom.

   Today I would just like to say to my beautiful mom,” I love you my mom and this is all which matters all the way”.

Happy mother’s day!