Monday, January 3, 2011

What's there in the name...."home"?....EVERYTHING!

A very happy and cold new year to everyone. I wanted to send out warm wishes but the mercury is just not allowing me do so. All I am yearning for is just a steaming cup of coffee which is not even looking like a distant reality by the virtue of being away from home. I came back to my so called ‘Second Home” yesterday after a cosy and WARM new year at home. It’s not even 24 hours of being here and I have already started succumbing to the very thoughts of home. Though I feel quite comfortable at the hostel after the initial hiccups (remember my first entry after coming here?) but I am still reluctant to bestow the title of home to it.

I am all wrapped in my blanket as I am writing this with my packed bags are still lying in front of me but are refusing to command any attention. Among all the things I do unpacking after coming from home will surely find its name in the worst ones and packing for going home in the best ones. The very thought of going back brings an instant smile on my face as if it’s some kind of a reflex action. Many a times when I am getting hysterical about going back, my parents offer to come here and meet me but I have always refused. Meeting your loved ones is just a part of homecoming. What comes before and after are the things to be treasured forever.

 It takes me around 5-6 hours to reach Delhi and the train usually arrives at 5 in the morning and believe me that no other man in your life can be more beautiful than your dad standing with open arms to give that hug which you have been wanting for all those days you were away from him.The roads taking you towards your destination makes you fall in love with your city all over again. The twists and turns about which you complained earlier seemed to have grown overtly friendly these days. The hurry to open up the door and march in is evident from the consecutive doorbell rings. The door opens to reveal the view which can never be framed. The whole house is filled with the smell of some dish you must have liked in my junior years. Your mother greets you with a smile on her face and you wonder if she is aging at all? Because she still looks the same as she has been for years and the additions of wrinkles and lines have made her more perfect (because you can’t improve on a classic). You step into your room to discover that your favourite book rack is taken by the two pirates sleeping in their rooms. You run into them with the ever loved chocolate chip muffins (they won’t ruin their sleep otherwise)....

And finally you meet the part of you which knows no other place to reside but..............HOME!