Sunday, July 1, 2012

DO aur DO...PANCH!!

I thank myself for the time when I started keeping journals or my spell in despair would have continued for many more days to come. It has been months that I have been whining about my precarious state of life in every possible way. Staying away from socialising, lashing out on siblings, trying to run away from home, cursing my parents for mistakes they don’t even know about and of course being unhappy to the core.
   Nothing helps but aggravates it in very possible way. But just when I decided to stop fighting it learn to live with it; a blessing clad in the most stupid attire came my way. I was going through my old journals and an entry dated 27th June 2003 caught my attention and gave me a sudden laughter attack. It actually had lines of song from an old Hindi movie with a 2 page description of how elated and confident I felt those days after hearing the song.
   Just after I came to my senses and was about to shrug the entry as a sign of mere childishness, a sense of guilt was all over me. Guilt of letting my fears and doubts take over my free spirit and receptivity, guilt of building a shell around me and guilt of getting into the cynical habit of finding reasons.
   This world is driven crazy by reasons where we don’t even smile without one. We continue to put ifs and buts and whys to the end of every sentence. So I guess it’s time to loosen up a bit, travel back to the times where knew nothing but to stay happy and dream and let the child in us stay alive forever. Whatever happens in the end, we will happy moments to cheer and celebrate for.
Heres the lines from the ultra funny song
“ jo soche jo chahein woh karke dikhade
Hum woh hai jo do aur do paanch bana de”


amit vats said...

nice bhawna..i have learnt a lesson or two through your blog.. :)

Anshul Vasu said...

haha!! so it seems you're getting old !! remembering the "humare zamaane mein" times :P
*Short but to the point!

bhawna said...

ofcourse i am getting old....started counting greys too....:-P

goingbeyondthepages said...

Hey, those are very positive lyrics... :) loved it...