Sunday, July 8, 2012

Being You!

You are practical, insensitive and emotionally drained!
I grew up hearing these compliments (I choose to take them that way) from every soul who was close to me and over a period of time I started believing in them too. Acting stronger than I was, being a loner when all I wanted was a long conversation over a cup of coffee, getting on without support when a little help would have actually made it better and being someone else when my inner self was dying to surface above.

  In short, I screwed up and I am happy to admit now. I took refuge in somebody else’s perception and let it take all control. I took the practicality as my perfection and thought that any kind of attachment will cause me nothing but pain. And I actually went through a lot of pain not because of attachment but because of lack of it. The shell of loneliness that I created has left a void in me which I find difficult to fill now.   

  I can no longer fill these voids as they have become big enough to engulf me but I hope to peacefully coexist with them. Living with them every moment will make me surer of who I am and who I was being.

This reminds me of these very beautiful lines by Janis Joplin
“Never compromise yourself; you are all you have got”


Anshul Vasu said...

ohh ...this touches me too at this moment!!
the thing about your blog posts is that they are short!! give them another 100 words or so!! i really want to read the posts..but they finish too soon.!! anyway keep up the good work!! and *LIKE for being active :P

Vindhya said...

I can totally connect to your story...First we allow people to make certain perceptions abt ourselves n den we simply make it our comfort zone...which actually shud nt b d case..
Keep blogging!! :)

Anonymous said...

Bhavi u write so deep sometimes I cant figure it out, is it u who hold this ocean of feelings. A human can face in his life time but never find words to express. U got tht talent baby!! u r alayws inspiring n like a fountain..... lots of love n care from ma side kid!!

thegalnxtdoor said...

I could relate with this post a lot. Like you, I had once withdrawn into loneliness, till it threatened to engulf me. Fortunately, I realised my foible on time and rectified it. I can't say I am a very outspoken person - the ghosts of the past still linger - but I am better than before and all for good. :)

Samruddhi Chaphale said...

your writing is real !

truly inspirational

happy writing bhavi :)

Samruddhi Chaphale said...
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Kruger Brent said...

hi...your writing style is different...a little tough to grasp the meaning between the lines.
good work anyways
i am totally opposite of you i guess impractical, sensitive and too emotional! and it really sucks for me to be myself...dnt knw why

bhawna said...

being yourself can never suck!!!
try to accepting yourself and fore yourself!!!

goingbeyondthepages said...

Liked the plain bluntness and openness in your thoughts. :)

Game changer said...

rightly said.........