Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hiiiiiii.......i have to make some resolutions today regarding my blog. With the resolution thing i must share my 2009 new year resolution, i will not make any more resolutions! its not that funny as i was sick of myself trying out quirky resolutions( u know i have that i kind of habit to stand apart from the rest of the crowd) and then not living upto them. Come on hell did not break loose when i failed to keep up to them

Anyways i am very particular about my blog. So here take my blogolution! I knw its quite funny and my English teachers can kill me for creating that word.
1. I will put up a new post every sunday as i am going to live in a hostel now and i will find time only on weekends
2. From now onwards i will review a book. it can b anybook, fiction or non fiction, biographies or any other like my latest crush- a collection of famous T.S Eliot poems or the interviews by oprah winfrey. But please i am really against those self help books.

P.S. watch out for my next post especially dedicated to all those tech savvy people!!


ayush walia said...
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ayush walia said...

lukin fwd to c wt u ve abt d colg kiddo..
n ya evrythin u jotin is seriouslly commendable..
thumbs up

Anshul said...

oh i assume the next post is for ppl like me...lets see..