Friday, July 31, 2009

My Childhood Went Away

Last night my phone was befuddling me about what music to listen and couldn’t decide what to read, I decided to do some sort of cleaning. I started to go through my book rack first as I was peeved with my mom asking me to do it for about a fortnight now. I seldom do it and kind of even detest it.

As I started shuffling the books, in a corner I found my eleventh grade English textbook. Before I decided to open it, the hazy memories of it ran through my mind as if someone was showing me a Spielberg movie trailer (believe me I studied them so passionately) I took a long journey into my mind before I stopped at the image of a small boy turning into an adult. I quickly flipped the pages and started reading a very beautiful poem “when did my childhood go”.

I was soon engrossed in the tangible memories of my own childhood, my childhood of Enid Blyton and R.L Stine, my childhood of train trips to my maternal grandparents in Calcutta (I hate calling it kolkatta), my childhood of morning walks to the dear park with my dad, my childhood of christmas presents………I discovered myself being engulfed by nostalgia as I asked myself “when did my childhood go?’

Was it the day when I stopped reading my books in an uncritical manner?
Was it the day when I realized that we all live in a cynical world?
Was it the day in the book shop my hands voluntarily went up to a mills and boons novel?
Was it the day when my heart yearned for my tom cruise to come and say “ baby you complete me”?
Was it the day when I knew that I should not leave my home without applying a sunscreen?
Or else it was the day when I first uttered these words to myself , “ my childhood went away and it will never come back”.


Anshul said...

very thoughtful.....itna sochne lag gayi jabse jaane ka naam aaya.....hehe

Anshul said...

today i read this again...and i didn't remember i had already read it once....but today i realised that you write very well...