Monday, July 6, 2009

After all winner is a winner!!!!!!!

Its 3’o clock in the morning while I m writing this. How you can expect someone to sleep who has witnessed that over the top final between Andy Roddick and Roger Federrer. 5th July 2009 is not just any date, this will go down the history lane for a very very long time. After all fedexes are not created every day. Imagine how great it is to win 15 grand slam titles…….i just wish I was Federer!!!!!

Anyway back to reality. When the match started i really thought that Roddick had nothing to lose today but his impeccable efforts made me realse that it was rather opposite. If not on that day than may be in the us open, this was bound to happen. But I can feel the despair for the poor chap Roddick!. Tell me who would like to have his cup of history as loser? I didn’t want to use that word and I m sure Roddick fans would kil me for it but let me be frank or rather blunt as my blog says, no one remember the way of losing whether you lost by a margin of a mere point or in straight sets. The thing is that you lost!!!!!!! This is rather painful but come-on there’s no point in being sugarcoated bitter gourds.

I just want to apoogise to all roddick fans that i m not trying to goad although its not in demeanor to regret or even reconsider my actions but i sudenly remembered how one insane steffi graff fan stabbed monica seles..OMG!!!!!!!! so here take my apologies.

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karan said... for some and sadness for some others....thats the way it is and there is where its beauty lies....and about Andy Roddick he is a really gud player and gave fedrer a tough fight.....and made him work for the record breaking victory.....and one more thing you and i share 1 common dream...even i wish i was fedrer....but koi gal bhi hai gud hai.......