Monday, August 20, 2012

30 by 30

I will be turning 21 within few days (though I distinctly feel not a day older than 13) and realising the fact that I have not done anything worth bragging about in the last so many years has irked me to pen down this list which I believe will add some amount of farsightedness to my “always on the edge” outlook.

Here it goes

  1. Write a book or many
  2. Design and build my own house (It is perhaps the only thing I want to design)
  3. Take a foreign vacation alone.
  4. Attend a literary festival as a speaker
  5. Take my mother to Venice, her dream destination
  6. Build a personal library
  7. Live alone for a year in a different continent, preferable South America
  8. Wear a bikini
  9. Scuba diving in coral reefs
  10. Volunteer in rural parts of India
  11. Adopt more dogs (I believe in adopting, not buying)
  12. Buy a Armani Suit for my Father
  13. Visit all states in India
  14. Take a cross country road trip
  15.  Start and build a venture of my own (part of it has been startedJ)
  16. Learn a new dance form
  17. Trek in Himalayas
  18. Visit all seven continents
  19. Form a book club
  20. Visit a coffee estate
  21. Visit a vineyard
  22. Get photographed at all Seven Wonders of the World
  23. Get drunk
  24. learn to paint
  25. Meet any five of my favourite writers
  26. Watch a Nadal play in a Grand Slam
  27. Develop a habit of writing 1500 words everyday
  28. Plant 100 trees
  29. Be financially independent
  30. Take a course in filmmaking and make a documentary


Kohl_lined said...

wow! that is a huge list... i could hardly believe a few could be achieved before you turn 30... if u want so u have to be stinking rich or be a tennis player's gf (this sounds cool too )

bhawna said...

there is no harm trying...i would be happy even if i do it by the tennis player nor can also be added to the list..;-)