Monday, June 27, 2011

Save Us From Sexual Disorders!

Are all the advertising agencies suffering from a sexual disorder? I have no other option left but to ask this question load and blatant as I am closely keeping a watch on the era of logical and mind boggling advertisements losing grounds to sex selling video clips! Where are we heading people...towards a country of desperate men, ready to buy everything if the seller is dressed in a skimpy bikini?
I take great insult when I watch those deodorant ads portraying women nothing less than meager desperate animals, running behind men just to give in to their olfactory senses. Why don’t these people think before turning towards these stale concepts? Or our Indian men still stuck in an era where they hallucinate about womens production happening just to meet their virile desires? A humble request...GROW UP GUYS!
Now I completely know that these nothing but superfluous ads are not completely on the agencies shoulders revering to the system of demand and supply. What is there to be understood is left to Indian masses who I believe have gathered enough stature to say no to a useless commodity even if it is sold among bikinis and maillots.


Parul Taneja said...

Guess who just read this article!

23th July's Delhi Times right column. :)

Aviral said...

delhi times woah!!!