Sunday, August 22, 2010

My yearn..My rage..My pain..

It was one those initial days of mine in a new habitat. Sitting in front of a eucalyptus at 2 in the morning, I found myself scribbling my heart overflowing with emotions I never ever stumbled upon they are...

I wonder what will calm down my yearn

Will it be the bitter sweet morsel of love?

After the perpetual state of numbing pain

Will it be the long lost association with my hidden mystery?

Or it will continue ever and ever,

Taking my quests to the heights of zenith...

I wonder what will cease the rage in me

Will it be the acquaintance with my new found patience?

Will it be the aching thoughts of Diaspora?

Will it be the isolation discovered from the corpse?

Or it will continue ever and ever and forever

In the search of a utopian world that’s never meant to exist...

I wonder and wonder

I search and search

I look and look

I roam and roam...

But I often forget

It’s my yearn that lights up the fire in me

It’s the rage in me that spark my veiling beauty

It’s the pain that keeps the smile on

My yearn, My rage, My pain...THEY COMPLETE ME...

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harpreet said...

gud job,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,