Thursday, June 3, 2010

oops i am a woman...!!!

 The clock hanging above the closet stroked 12

My heart begins to pound as it seemed all wet

I tried to calm myself down, forbidding not succumbing to outside howl

I peeped to see whether I can sneak

The rage in me went on its peak

The one roaming downstairs did it being a man

Then I realised, oops I am a woman!!!

My over bushy eyebrows haranguing me all the way

I asked my unwaxed hands not to follow it anyway

Visits to the salons seemed boring

The pain accompanying too is soaring

I wish to avoid this testimony,

Wanting it to be a part of some sacred epiphany

As those hunks can elude it as being men

I realised, oops I am a woman

It’s been an hour since I yelled my guts out to a gadget

Sceptics par amounting as I will ever had it

I think I severely repel technology

As it doesn’t gel well with my biology

I want to save all gizmos into my brain account

But it simply shows an error, refusing to crack and sound

I want to look into those techno savvy men

Then I realised, oops I am a woman

Reds yellows blues and greens

None of them could help me preen

I got stuck with a tuxedo and a hipster

The mirror gazed like a bedtime story monster

Fashion faux pas is on its way

And yet again I have the same thing to say

By the virtue of being a woman

I can only.......oops I am a woman


purvashi said...

nice job dear...its so true i mean every women can relate herself with dis one...i just loved the second paragraph...and of course "oops I am a woman" is spectacular..looking forward to see your more blogs related to dis this topic..

ayush walia said...

ooops its jus awesome..
n techno replnt thing ws gr8.. cn really relate to u n ur fone..
on d whole jus gr8 peice of writtin..
jus lyk ma gurl ( nt a woman)

bhawna said...

thanku so much dears.......!!!

Ribha Sharma said...

Outstanding job!!!...the second paragraph is so true n so practical...;)I just loved reading this...n ofcourse ooops i m a woman...;)
Looking forward for more interesting posts....Keep up the gud work!