Saturday, April 3, 2010

Here it comes....

No matter how much I strive for it, eventually I am bound to fail in all my vague attempts of being steady in updating my blog. This must have been the hundredth time when I am whining about the fact of my.......??? I don’t have any word for it now. My whining and cribbing over my failed attempts will continue and unfortunately I couldn’t care less. All I can care about is about my 'ME' series whose sequel has been postponed for a while now. So here it comes.....

I had harped about a magical thing 'ME' which i discovered while travelling back to my hostel on the railway platform (I guess if the railway department doesn’t have a go, I may join the likes of Columbus and Amerigo). There was something more than just names and faces in the magazine i was skimming through. Those faces were telling stories which till 18 I never heard or perhaps never wanted to hear or better comprehend.Gazing at those faces it occurred that my years of shero(I am not a staunch feminist though) worship went in vain as I failed to look at the real shero who stands in the mirror......ME.

Those were not perfect face sporting Angelina’s pout or Megan’s figure, nor were they cashing Indra Nooyi’s pay check but all they have was the belief of being just oneself and loving yourself .It occurred to me that this world is not cynical but our perception is. Why is it so that we are so afraid of our imperfections? Why can’t we love ourselves just for the person we are and not a person we want to be? We have to assimilate the art of loving ourselves in spite of the slightly dilated left eye, a big forehead, and flab on the abdomen, boring black eyes or maybe even a scar somewhere which may evoke some painful memories.

So friends forty years down the line our hair will turn grey, the face will fade like a winter’s moon and the walk will be half buffalo and half duck. Sitting in a room and surrounded by our children and grandchildren, we will be asked to narrate tales of our lives and experience and then something will strike at our heads and we will discern that all these years only one thing has followed......ME.

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